Hair PRP Treatment

Hair PRP Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment for Hairfall

PRP Hair Treatment: PRP procedures are exemplary ways of engineering the systems of the human body to present solutions to treat problems by themselves. Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness is an issue that affects millions of men, and PRP literally is a saviour, as in it helps in actual regrowth of hair. PRP injections are pretty much like insulin injections, and the platelets are introduced in the area of baldness. The main cause for male pattern baldness is the immune system attacking the hair follicles, preventing their regeneration, leading to thinning and potential wasting away. Platelets are miracles of nature that have the capacity to regenerate dead and dying cells at an alarming rate. They are extracted scientifically, and are reintroduced into the scalp and the follicle count is then measured.

PRP Hair Treatment Techniques

At AF CLINIC SKIN HAIR AND LASER PRP Hair Treatment has yielded tremendously positive results in scores of clients. The procedure itself is very simple and requires a few sittings, where the platelet rich plasma is introduced into the scalp at the centres of balding. After some time hair pull tests are conducted and hair follicle regeneration is counted meticulously and compared against the earlier count. The growth is charted and dosage is then modified or maintained in the subsequent sittings.

Professional Expertise

PRP treatment Hyderabad is performed by seasoned professionals in consultation with expert dermatologists to ascertain the best possible course of treatment. Platelets are a natural source of wonder and they help regenerate cells in multiples exponentially and more importantly naturally.