Scar Removal Treatment

Scar Removal Treatment

Scars are a nightmare to many! It is not just about the marks but more about the unwanted attention and thousands of questions that might come your way. If you are one of those who have a tough and visible scar on your body, especially on your face, neck or hand, you are bound to be getting questions from nosy strangers. They would definitely want to know the story behind your scar, leaving you traumatized and objectified. Though every scar on your body is also a resemblance of your inner strength, it is not always given the credit that it should be given. Individuals choose to hide their scars for various social and personal reasons. At Tamira, we acknowledge that every individual has the right to choose how they would like to see themselves. If an individual chooses to remove or diminish the extent of his/her scars, we vouch to provide them with the best of treatment options.

Let’s take a look at what causes scars. When your body has been through an injury, burns, trauma, illness, surgery, acne and other skin conditions; it heals the wounded region with the help of excessive production of melanin and collage fibers. This healing process of the skin leaves behind a pigmented and dark mark which is often referred to as a scar.

How are skin scars removed?

Skin scars can be removed by various types of treatments based on the nature of scars. Tough and deeper scars could be removed by invasive techniques such as a surgery. This type of treatment is common for scars that have been resulted due to burns, injury and diseases. At Tamira, we offer you treatments that are specific to the nature of the scars. Some of our treatments are put below for you to gather a better understanding.

Scars could be classified mainly into three types, namely:

Normal wound (fine-line scars) – these are wounds that are on the surface of the skin and would have occurred due to minor injuries. These type of scars usually require little to no treatment at all. It would fade always on its own with just a little application of over the counter topical medicines.

Keloid scars – these are scars that appear raised from the surface of the skin. It usually is a result of excessive tissue growth on the scars from surgeries, injury, burns, diseases and in some cases even tattoos. Treatments for keloid scars would include laser treatments and surgical removal of scars.

Hypertrophic scars – these are scars which are mildly raised from the surface of the skin due to the excessive collagen fibers that were produced during the healing process. Treatment for this type of scarring would include topical medication, laser treatments and surgical removal.

Atrophic scars – these are scars that have healed unevenly below the outer layer of the skin. This type of scarring is most common as a result of acne, chicken pox or small pox. Treatment would include chemical peels, fillers and punch excision.

Skin contracture – these are scars which usually a result of burns. A second or third degree burn would result in deeper damage which would lead of restricted muscle movement. Immediate medical help must be sought to minimize the injury and scarring. Treatments include oral medication, laser treatment, topical treatments and surgical scar corrections.